The analyst Chatter Report – privacy, digital money and multiple magic quadrants

Forrester and Gartner both released digital themed research this week with data privacy, digital money, mobility and business analytics all featuring as conversation starters in this week’s research analyst Chatter Report

Each week, the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 analyst Chatter Report finds the social shares that originate from research and analysis outfits like Gartner, Forrester, Ovum and others, along with management consulting companies like McKinsey & Company, and Bain.

Over all though it was a quieter week with many of the usual suspects missing in action. All up there were just a tick over 8000 social shares based on the search terms we track, down a substantial 20 per cent on the most recent analyst report.

The most influential share of the week belongs to Forrester Research who’s “2014 data privacy heat map reveals increased government surveillance + regulation” tweet attracted the most attention among the Twitterati. The tweet linked through to a short blog by Forrester analyst Christopher Sherman about trends in data privacy regulation around the world, and coincided with the latest update to Forrester’s Data Privacy Heat Map.

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According to Sherman, Forrester has noted two opposing trends in data privacy protection emerging over the last 12 month;

  • Increased government surveillance continues to impede the free flow of information. Corporations worry that storing or processing data within the borders of a country with high levels of governmental surveillance could place their intellectual property at risk. Notable additions to the tool’s growing list of countries with lowered barriers to government surveillance include the US, Germany, and the UK.
  • Global momentum toward the EU’s model of data privacy regulation has led to new laws and better protection for the consumer. Many non-EU countries have passed laws over the past 12 months that bring the world’s collective standards around data privacy closer to the high-water mark laid out by the EU’s overarching Privacy Directive. For instance, countries such as Malaysia and South Africa have recently passed new data privacy frameworks that closely follow the EU’s lead. South Africa has even gone one step farther and implemented provisions that will likely be implemented by the future EU Privacy Directive updates.

Forrester features a second time in this Chatter Report with a link to a blog by analyst Stephen Walker called The Digital Money Management The People Want where he argues that digital money management, often referred to as Personal Financial Management (PFM) is the future of digital banking. According to Walker, right now though consumers don’t seem to agree as evidenced by Forrester’s  research which found that only one in five consumers have used such tools in the last 90 days.

The reason for such a tardy uptake;

“It’s simple: most people just don’t want to manage their money. They don’t want to budget, as in doing any work. They don’t want insight, beyond one or two bite size chunks. And they don’t want to save. They may think they want to, so they’ll set up a savings goal, but most won’t stick with it. Even if they do, it’s not about the saving. It’s the buying – that’s the thing they actually want to do. “

A little magic

Gartner meanwhile shared the results of two of its latest Magic Quadrants – business analytics services and mobility services. We learnt about the BI study courtesy of a tweet by Accenture Digital which pointed not to the Gartner research but to its own release on the report. Accenture is the clear leader in the study which tracks completeness of vision and ability to execute but IBM and Deloitte also made the club.

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(Image source: Gartner)

The second Magic Quadrant covered mobility services and in this study IBM had the field all to itself… and yes it was an IBM tweet that started the chatter running.

Gartner meanwhile shared an infographic on the impact of social, mobile cloud and big data. Among the points the Infographic makes;

  • Next year almost a third of companies will focus on optimising IT value, not just cost
  • in 2015 40 per cent of IT spend will be outside the CIO’s control
  • By 2017 three quarters of IT leaders will run the risk of investing in high risk vendors due to their lack of financial analysis skills

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About the Authors

 Mike Green is the CEO of KINSHIP digital. Andrew Birmingham is the editor and publisher of Which-50.

The Chatter Report is an initiative of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit

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