Toyota’s latest Australian cars will be able to automatically send alerts for collisions, track their location when stolen, and send SOS emergency calls to roadside assistance under a new partnership with Telstra.

The telco giant will provide the network connectivity for Toyota’s Connected Services Module – an onboard IoT communications device available in the 2020 Yaris model and rolling out to others progressively. 

Drivers won’t need a phone onboard for the services to work because connection is via Telstra 3G and 4G networks. Data is transferred from an onboard to Toyota’s Connected Service centres at the driver’s request or in emergencies.

Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI is also a partner on the project.

Telstra’s IoT bet

“This future, which our extensive 4G network helps make possible, has huge potential to transform the ways in which we live, and the pace of IoT is accelerating in Australia, with over four million things now connected to our IoT networks,” wrote Telstra’s global IoT lead Gerhard Loots in a company post today, Telstra’s first update on the partnership since it was announced in October.

“Partnering with Australia’s automotive market leader Toyota is a big leap forward towards this future.”

Telstra also has deals with Lexus and Victorian government for a trial of connected vehicles where cars connect with roadside infrastructure to Improve things like emergency braking, and speed warnings.

The telco has also retrofitted hundreds of NRMA vehicles with artificial vision sensor to monitor the road for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles

“We’re adding all kinds of new IoT services at a rapid pace across our business,” Loots writes.

“… We know there is huge potential for IoT to make the services we use more useful and more efficient across all industries – together, these small changes will add up to make a significant difference to how we live.”

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