Telstra and Microsoft have recommitted to their long running partnership on cloud computing, network connectivity and sustainability.

The announcement, made late last week, means the two companies will work closely on 5G, edge computing and IoT. Microsoft’s Azure will also be the telcos cloud public cloud of choice and be used as the infrastructure for Telstra’s IoT platform.

In a joint media release, the companies said the deal will support Australian developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) as they develop solutions that leverage AI, low latency and increased resilience.

Australia’s largest telco will work with the US giant on IoT, Edge, AI and digital twin capability to develop solutions for asset tracking, supply chain management, telematics and smart spaces. The two will also work together on “data driven solutions” for their sustainability commitments.

Telstra became carbon neutral in its operations in July while Microsoft is going further, committing to remove its entire historical carbon footprint by negating all the carbon it has produced since it was founded in 1975.

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said the strategic partnership brought together the best of both companies.

“We already have a longstanding relationship with Microsoft and have worked together in areas that are market-leading to create unique experiences for our customers,” Penn said.

“Today’s announcement with Microsoft formalises the several streams of work we are already collaborating on. The global scale of Microsoft’s platform, tools, and applications, together with Telstra’s network solutions, reliability and leadership, will drive new and unique solutions for Australia.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the adoption of 5G and cloud computing will create new opportunities for business in Australia.

“We’re expanding our partnership with Telstra and bringing together the power of Azure and Telstra’s network to build new solutions in critical areas like asset tracking, supply chain management, and smart spaces, harnessing the latest advances in AI, digital twins, and mixed reality.”


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