Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft have committed to the Christchurch Call, a pledge by governments and technology companies alike to stop terrorist and extremist violence online.

The companies have committed to five individual actions and four collaborative actions.

For the individual actions, the technology companies have committed to:

  • Updating their terms of use to expressly prohibit the distribution of terrorist and violent extremist content;
  • User reporting of terrorist and violent extremist content, creating one or more ways for users to flag inappropriate content;
  • Enhancing technology that will have the capacity to detect and remove terrorist content;
  • Identifying appropriate checks on live streaming;
  • And commit to publishing on a regular basis transparency reports regarding detection and removal of terrorist or violent extremist content.

The four collaborative commitments include:

  • Working collaboratively across various industries to develop a shared understanding in which terrorist and violent extremist content is published.
  • Create a protocol for responding to emerging or active events, on an urgent basis, so relevant information can be quickly and efficiently shared, processed, and acted upon by all stakeholders with minimal delay.
  • Help understand and educate the public about terrorist and extremist violent content online. This educating and reminding users about how to report or otherwise not contribute to the spread of this content online.
  • Attack the root causes of extremism and hate online such as, providing greater support for relevant research — with an emphasis on the impact of online hate on offline discrimination and violence — and supporting capacity and capability of NGOs working to challenge hate and promote pluralism and respect online.

Overnight, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French president Emmanuel Macron brought together heads of state and government and the leaders from the technology sector to adopt the Christchurch Call.

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