Mark Zuckerberg is angry. He just fired off a missive to US President Barack Obama and shared it with his gazillion Facebook followers. His message: the US is damaging the internet and Facebook increasingly finds itself protecting its users from their own government. At the heart of his angst are

Thirty-five years ago, most people reading this article were either in full-time education – or not yet born!  It was long before the internet ruled our lives yet in 1979, Professor Michael Porter first published his simple yet ground-breaking framework for assessing competition within an industry.  It is commonly known

The net sectors biggest names appear to have taken to heart messages about privacy and security – at least as far as intrusive and uninvited surveillance is concerned.  In its Encrypt the Web report, digital rights activists the Electronic Frontier Foundation notes, “We’ve asked the companies in our Who Has

Online advertising is the most transparent, measurable and apparently accountable form of advertising that has ever existed and yet there is ample evidence that marketers consider it no more effective than anything that has come before. If that dichotomy seems a little hard to reconcile then figures released this week

Newspaper advertising in the US peaked in 2000 and has been in a precipitous decline ever since, dropping 70 per cent from the top of the cycle. Except of course that it’s not a cycle. It’s structural. Magazines have fared little better. And it’s been a consistent story around the

As more people live more of their lives online, the demarcation between public and private has become blurred.  Despite better information security, entreaties from cyber crime task forces and a general level of awareness amongst the population, the average consumer leaves vast chunks of their lives exposed through various digital

The C-suite should check its instincts at the door and focus on the data. Ironically, for many senior executives trusting to the science of data analysis actually amounts to a leap of faith and means averring a self belief common among many successful managers – that they can bend the world