Will live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope help brands create more intimate connections with their audience, or is this another buzzy app which doesn’t add any real brand value? Brands are out there constantly trying to get into our proverbial, pushing the conversation to get their names embedded within

Overwhelmingly consumers do not believe brands ‘get them’ as individuals. That is how Advertising Age summed up a recent IBM/Econsultancy study in an article headlined “Amid Digital Disruption, Brands Need to ‘Hire’ Their Customers” . The story was one of several to dominate the digital chatter online this week. Each

  Whether your team is big or small, dispersed or actively working out of one location, everyone can benefit from this one tip: Get to know your content comrades. This is one of the tips for content marketers explored in detail in Modern Marketing Essentials: Content Marketing,  which was released

  Content marketing is the most direct way to relay your value proposition to your audiences, as content supports engagement with your brand. It does this by employing a storytelling-based approach that people can relate to as a brand narrative. The goal is to leverage the engagement to breed loyalty

  How do you harness the power of big data?  First up, invite everyone to the party: First-party, or information you’ve collected from our own assets; second-party, or partner shared information; and third-party, gleaned from external providers. These data sets paired with enterprise data from transactional information from sales, CRM,

Customer Experience

Getting into the mind of the consumer is widely seen as an imperative for high performance brand marketing. But, says a ground breaking study from Imperial College London, by trying to empathise with consumers, marketers may in fact be doing themselves more harm than good. Being able to ‘think like

Creating beautiful customer experiences and successfully executing a digital transformation program is — sadly — very difficult. The truth is that the boys and girls in the glasshouse have to do some really heavy lifting, a Forrester report suggests. The study is actually a classic piece of Forrester Wave research

  Customer segmentation is a tried and true part of the marketer’s arsenal. Widely used to drive differentiation in brand communications both above and below the line, segmentation is traditionally sample-based and insight-focused — designed to build marketers’ understanding of who their customers are and how they relate to brands

Customers are an unreasonable lot, and digital has made them more so. They want their information when it suits them, and they want seamless integration across the whole omni-channel experience — shops, call centres, mobiles, computers and tablets. Marketers need to tap that sentiment to sell more widgets, and companies

Board meeting

The emergence of the  chief digital officer is shaking up the c-suite in more and more organisations throughout Australia, Europe and the US. Recent research suggests that 83 per cent of top digitally performing companies have an explicitly and formally appointed digital leader. The CDO Club, the world’s largest network