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Research from communication platform Slack released today reveals that Australian workers have no interest in returning full-time to the office. Slack’s study, The Remote Work Tech Effect, is based on a survey conducted by Honeycomb Strategy of 1000 Australian knowledge workers in March of this year, following the first iteration

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Remote working is here to stay, according to a poll of more than 3,000 IT decision makers. According to their survey responses, by 2022 only 13 per cent of businesses will have no full time employees that work remotely. It is a considerable drop from the 2019 pre-pandemic mark when

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Dropbox this week made remote work the “primary experience” for its staff, saying its new policy goes further than the popular hybrid approach.  According to research commissioned by the file sharing platform, the COVID accelerated shift to working from home has largely been a success for knowledge workers but lost

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Some Microsoft staff will be permitted to routinely work from home from now on, the software giant announced over the weekend, showing more enduring change from the the pandemic. Some Microsoft employees in Australia have been returning to local offices over the last two months but working from home remains

It was inevitable, we suppose. Zoom Video Communications has announced Zoom for Home, which it describes as a new category of software experiences and hardware devices to support remote work use cases. The focus is on improving employee experiences to connect remotely and be productive. The company argues that the

The world’s largest work from home experiment is underway. Technology has long existed to allow knowledge workers to complete their duties from home, however, remote working has largely been a peripheral workplace experiment. Until 2020. Which-50 Survey: The Work From Home Transition  All businesses have been impacted in one way

   Businesses with experience of cloud computing are coping much better than those without, as the massive shift of knowledge workers from office environments to home working rolls out at unprecedented scale and speed. In a new APAC leader technology video panel produced by Which-50 and Boardroom Media this