Deloitte has acquired software developer Well Placed Cactus (WPC) to give its marketing clients more shining things to play with. Terms of the transaction were not revealed. Founded in 2012, WPC is a Brisbane and Melbourne-based team of interactive engineers and developers who build games, apps, interactive installations and AR/VR/MR

Virtual reality

Wireless VR headsets (smartphone-based and standalone) data consumption will grow by over 650 per cent over the next four years, from nearly 2,800PB (Petabytes) in 2017 to over 21,000PB in 2021. The figures are contained in a new report from Juniper Research. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The new

Nearly 200,000 VR head sets were sold in Australia in 2016 according to research outfit Telsyte. Its Australian VR & AR Market Study 2017 also revealed that mobile VR captured around 70 per cent share of units sold. Nearly half of all device revenues were generated by the Sony PlayStation VR

There will be nearly 60 million smartphone VR headsets shipped in 2021, an increase of around 240 per cent on an expected 16.8 million this year according to a new Juniper Research Study. But the lower price of these devices means they will only account for 7 per cent of

VR was officially born this week, but an older sibling quietly stole its milk and cookies. Virtual Reality has enjoyed a bunch of birthdays this year. Google and Samsung both announced cheap headsets. Sony released an expensive one for the Playstation 4. Even the venerable old kid’s toy ViewMaster released