The product may make the initial sale but experiences creates brand loyalty. That’s the view of Volkswagen Australia’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Jason Bradshaw, who has spent the last half decade developing a data driven customer experience culture and strategy at the automotive manufacturer. This year Volkswagen Australia began

How do brands turn buyers into loyal customers? Volkswagen Australia’s chief customer and marketing officer, Jason Bradshaw, argues it has a lot to do with data and experience management. In this week’s Minicast, Bradshaw explains how experience drives loyalty for a car manufacturer. Which-50’s Minicast publishes each Tuesday. Follow Which-50 on

Turning customers into lifelong advocates requires companies to embrace customer experience throughout the organisation. That is according to Jason Bradshaw, director of customer experience for Volkswagen Group Australia, who spoke to Which-50 about developing a culture around customer experience. He was speaking in advance of next month’s Ashton Media Customer 360