Voice assistant

The total transaction value of smart home payments, payments that occur via smart home devices, will exceed US$164 billion in 2025, from US$22 billion in 2020, according to Research from Juniper. Increasing use of voice assistants via smart speakers for ecommerce, propelled by rising user and merchant acceptance, will drive

When Amazon launched its Alexa virtual assistant in 2014, it probably didn’t think that a bird would expose a potentially significant legal issue with the device. But an African grey parrot named Rocco, living in Blewbury, England, appears to have done just that. Last month, Rocco made headlines for his

We’re all used to targeted advertisements on the internet. But the introduction of voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant mean that companies are capturing all new kinds of data on us, and could build much more detailed “behaviour profiles” with which to target us. There is already a

Voice activated devices are beginning to eat away at the amount of time we spend looking at our smartphone screens. More people are buying devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, and their use is coming at the expense of smartphones, according to an Accenture report. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help