While it is often easy to miss the significance of changes as our business or career evolves around us, take a longer perspective and suddenly you realise how radical the change can be. That’s our take-away from a recent interview with visiting VMware CMO Robin Matlock. Sign up for Which-50’s

The total annual spend on Mobile Edge Computing (the collection and analysis of data at the source of generation, at the dge of the network, instead of a centralised location such as the cloud), will reach $11.2 billion by 2024. This is up from an estimated $1.3 billion in 2019,

VMware, the company best known for virtualising servers and storage, is transitioning to a subscription service model, according to its cloud platform CTO, Kit Colbert. The move is similar to Adobe’s SaaS shift and will generate better outcomes for customers, according to Colbert. “We absolutely are focused on moving more

The narrative that enterprises must move all their data centres to a public cloud is dead, according to Sanjay Poonen, COO, VMware Customer Operations. VMware, through a partnership with AWS, believes a hybrid option is now necessary, but it requires a fundamental change in data security. Sign up for Which-50’s

The IT industry is about to shift the ground under your feet – once again. After a decade of pushing the virtues of cloud computing the technology sector is now looking at its next great adventure – edge computing. Edge computing recognises that to meet new emerging requirements, for example

Think of them as the four technology superpowers: cloud, mobile, AI and edge computing. And while each is a powerful and transformative idea in its own right, the real magic happens when they are used in unison. That’s the message VMWare CEO Patrick Gelsinger imparted onto delegates at VMWorld in

VMware unveiled new innovations to its intelligence-driven digital workspace platform, Workspace ONE, designed to accelerate how workspace services can be secured, delivered and consumed in the modern workforce. The company says organisations can now take advantage of solutions that accelerate the adoption of modern management as they fully transition to

VMware will acquire CloudHealth Technologies. The deal reflects the growing importance of operations management in diffuse cloud environments that string together public and private clouds. CloudHealth Technologies delivers a cloud operations platform across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud for its 3000 clients which includes brands like Yelp, Dow Jones, Zendesk,

VMware says its new Cloud Operations Services are designed to help IT departments deliver a software-as-a-service based multi-cloud platform with a particular focus on automation, analytics, cost management and compliance. As cloud has taken hold in corporate environments, CIOs have increasingly found themselves grappling with services that span the gamut

Digital infrastructure provider VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have extended the footprint of their global relationship to now make VMware Cloud available via AWS’s Sydney facilities. VMware also announced new capabilities it says will help organisations around the globe to rapidly migrate applications and data centers to a secure