More than half of all online videos will be viewed on a Smartphone or a tablet by 2016 according to projections based on the latest Ooyala Global Video Index. The report found that since 2011 there has been a 719 per cent increase in video views on these platforms and

Vast amounts of online ad budgets are wasted every year on inventory that is served, but never seen by human eyes. As we have reported in the past, some estimates put the scale of the problem as high as $US12 billion of dollars worth of ad spend a year. Partly

The business of celebrity might just be about the confront its own disruptive moment with the growing pervasiveness of video on the net. Video inventory management platform Tubemogul  (which admittedly has something of a vested interest in the outcome) suggests that millennials in Southeast Asia are less influenced by celebrities

Brightcove’s $50 million acquisition of Unicorn Media earlier this week is designed to strengthen its position in fast growing online video advertising market by helping it tackle some significant and emerging technical hurdles. The online video market is expected to be worth almost $US17 billion by the end of next

Nobody clicks on ads right? Wrong. And if anything the shift to mobility combined with the emergence of video are actually driving up user engagement and with it the effectiveness of digital advertising. According to research by Unruly, ”Online video viewers are almost three times more likely to click through to

The pace of digital transformation and the lack of a shared vision are two of the biggest problems large companies run up against when trying to drive digital change throughout their organisation, according to Capgemini Consulting. Which-50 recently described how a comprehensive Capgemini global study quantified the economic benefits to companies of

Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Welcome to VUCA – the new normal and the consequence of five dramatic shifts driving change in the world over the very long term, according to management consultants McKinsey and Company. Actually the term was originally a military idea and has been co-opted by business