Video advertising has found its moment in Australia. The recent IAB report into the local online advertising sector revealed that the category grew an impressive 76 per cent over the last twelve months – and there are some suggestions that even these figures may be under estimated. However, for evidence

Programmatic video advertising outfit TubeMogul has caned its most recent quarter, smashing expectations and delivering a strong profit — a rare outcome for a digital marketing business still in its build phase. As a result of the news its shares surged 31 per cent. Revenues grew 127 per cent to

Programmatic video advertising has surged to such an extent in Australia that local advertisers bought more video ad inventory in Australia than US advertisers bought in the US last quarter — at least on the TubeMogul platform. The latest TubeMogul second-quarter report shows that Australia is leading the world in

Marketers who use video in email get better clickthrough, longer engagement, increased sharing, better conversion rates and ultimately greater sales, according to industry analyst ComScore. The group’s recent customer survey revealed 71 percent of consumers feel that video is the best way to bring product features to life. One of the biggest hurdles

Australian outfit Cadreon — the programmatic trading desk of IPG Mediabrands Australia — introduced the world’s first “programmatic direct” video management platform using TubeMogul’s technology in 2013. That platform accounts for almost half of Cadreon’s entire video spend. The deal was said to be one of the largest programmatic direct

The online video market is expected to be worth almost $US17 billion by the end of next year. It was worth just under $US10 billion in 2013. Still, that pales compared to the $US200 billion global television advertising market. But with online video growing its share rapidly as smartphone and

The Australian programmatic mobile video ad market more than tripled in size in the first quarter, after a big jump in content consumption on smartphones and tablets, according to an analysis by TubeMogul. In its Australia Quarterly Research Report, TubeMogul said programmatic mobile video advertising inventory rose 230 per cent

More than half of all online videos will be viewed on a Smartphone or a tablet by 2016 according to projections based on the latest Ooyala Global Video Index. The report found that since 2011 there has been a 719 per cent increase in video views on these platforms and

Vast amounts of online ad budgets are wasted every year on inventory that is served, but never seen by human eyes. As we have reported in the past, some estimates put the scale of the problem as high as $US12 billion of dollars worth of ad spend a year. Partly

The business of celebrity might just be about the confront its own disruptive moment with the growing pervasiveness of video on the net. Video inventory management platform Tubemogul  (which admittedly has something of a vested interest in the outcome) suggests that millennials in Southeast Asia are less influenced by celebrities