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Robert Le Busque has been appointed as managing director for Verizon’s APAC region taking on overall responsibility for the company’s global enterprise business, and particularly for supporting the company’s enterprise customer base. Le Busque was previously Verizon Global Enterprise’s regional managing director for Australia, New Zealand & India. He joined

Tumblr, the publishing site Yahoo acquired for more than US$1 billion in 2013, has changed hands again. However, its new owners Auttomattic, which owns, reportedly paid less than $20 million for the business. Yahoo had already written down Tumblr’s value by $230 million in 2016 and the blogging site

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Smart metres and IoT have the potential to optimise performance and maintenance of the billions of dollars worth of infrastructure in Australian utilities. But each new device creates a potential access point to systems that are not designed with cyber security in mind and, in some cases, are already exposed.


While many telecom network technology vendors are claiming that the wait for fifth generation, high-speed wireless service (5G) is finally over, the full transition to 5G will not happen in 2018, according to data and analytics company GlobalData. Ed Gubbins, senior telecom technology and software analyst at GlobalData said, “There

Information from at least 500 million Yahoo user accounts has been stolen in a data breach that occurred in late 2014. The internet pioneer confirmed the breach in a statement today and is pointing the finger at a “state-sponsored actor.” It’s a statement no company ever wants to make, especially

US Telco and tech giant Verizon is the blackest of the Black Hats in the technology sector. When the American National Security Agency (NSA) was strong-arming the dotcom giants to hand over the data on US citizenry — almost certainly in violation of that country’s laws — many resisted to