Amazon will offer a Netflix style cloud gaming subscription service named Luna, with select titles in 4K 60fps. After years of tinkering, Amazon is making a bet on cloud gaming, revealing a new subscription service during its annual hardware event. Known as “Luna” the cloud gaming platform will initially be

Users who viewed games videos were more likely to subscribe to a greater number of  Streaming Video-on-Demand (SVOD) services than the average user, according to Juniper Research. The report, Digital TV & Video Streaming Survey: Consumer Attitudes 2018, found that gaming viewers subscribed to around six SVOD services, compared to two

The world’s premiere basketball league has announced it will begin live streaming games from their minor league on Twitch starting December 15th. The G League is considered a “research and development laboratory” for the NBA and often experiments with new rules, formats and content delivery. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital

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Another day, another billion dollar acquisition. Amazon has made transparent its rumoured intent to get into video entertainment with the acquisition of Twitch, a live streaming service. The deal, actually worth $US 970 million was announced earlier today. Google was apparently also interested in the company at one stage, and