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Cost is often one of the earliest incentives that leads organisations to consider Cloud computing. That incentive is probably even stronger in the current economic circumstance, says Scott Taylor, an independent consultant from Thirdrock, with a long pedigree in SAP projects and stints at companies such as Deloitte and Ernst

Since splitting from Wesfarmers two years ago, Flybuys has overhauled its technology to launch new payments and advertising products. The company is looking to add more brands to its program by moving into payments and developing its advertising product. The transformation of the 25 year old company was driven by

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While there is an abundance of focus on digital transformation, it is important to remember that it is just one of four major transformative forces acting up the modern enterprise, according to Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell. Speaking at the international Boomi World Tour last year Dell also stressed that

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Despite the imperative of digital transformation, organisations are reluctant to take the necessary digital steps, according to research from Forrester. The research firm surveyed business leaders on their digital change finding many fundamentally misunderstood the strategy and most were dangerously complacent around its biggest risk. In August, fellow analysts from

This year leaders focused on digital transformation and CX however some came to the realisation these strategies are hard, costly and challenged the way they run their businesses. Despite the effort made, CX performance was flat and more than 50 per cent of digital transformation efforts stalled, according to Forrester.


Insurance carriers globally could generate US$375 billion in new revenue in the next five years by transforming and revitalising their businesses, according to a new report from Accenture. The report, “Insurance as a Living Business,” found that insurers that continuously innovate and adapt to changing customer needs will be able

To pull off a successful transformation project companies need to raise their ambitions, develop different skills, challenge existing mind-sets, and commit fully to execution. That’s according to a new article from McKinsey & Company. The consultancy begins its analysis by breaking down what the oft-overused word ‘transformation’ really means. Download

Missing a purpose: the endemic flaw in the BBC’s digital transformation program So it seems that the BBC’s digital multimedia project had a few flaws, including this one noted by Price Waterhouse Coopers: “The focus and priorities of DMI were on technology build and not sufficiently on enabling BBC-wide change.”

Digital Transformation Chatter report: Malcolm’s in the middle of it It is rare for one topic to dominate our weekly digital transformation Chatter Report, especially for the issue to be sourced locally. But so it proved with the Federal Government’s announcement about its Digital Transformation Office (DTO) getting the social

Digital delivers a fourth wave of transformation to manufacturing says McKinsey & Company In the manufacturing sector they call it Industry 4.0. According to McKinsey & Company, it is a gathering force that needs to be monitored closely and will likely drive changes in company strategy. Indeed the message is