Claims by traditional media companies such as News Corp that the great online migration of consumers is ending are as self serving as they are wrong. In fact new research shows the growth of the internet continues to have a demonstrable and corrosive impact on traditional media. The latest evidence

Fintech hub, Stone  & Chalk, which has outgrown its first home before even moving in after strong demand lead to a need for double the floor space. The hub was launched earlier this year to provide the facility for startups to tap into Sydney’s $60 billion financial services sector. According

Around the world, consumers want retailers to give them greater access to information so they can make more informed choices when they shop. And they recognise the importance of technology in delivering this. However, they remain sensitive to issues over privacy. The figures are contained in a global study released

When the word ‘digital’ first starting blooming, it pounded its way through Adland and was the concept a plethora of agencies built their whole being on. However, Darren Spiller, chief creative officer at DDB Group, believes the word ‘digital’ is a terrible thing to have happened to the industry. “The

In the mad race to digitise business and embrace the data revolution, many companies appear to have forgotten the one thing that’s pivotal to their success: the customer. That’s the view of media doyen, self-help guru and partner at Growth Mantra, Nigel Marsh. Marsh, a keynote speaker at yesterday’s Daze of

Disruption is happening. No point disputing that. And yet while companies are aware it’s happening, two years or more tend to pass before they react. At least that’s the view of Kai Riemer, chair of the digital disruption research group at the University of Sydney Business School, speaking at the

It has never been more important for marketers to get closer to real life, says Google’s head of marketing, Lucinda Barlow. “As marketers, we’re inundated with data, but this is actually where we need to get back and closer to real life,” she said. “We need to bring out our

At a time when consumer expectations are evolving faster than many financial services organisations can respond, the need to seamlessly integrate applications, data and devices has become critical. But unlike new startup competitors hungry to enter the market or even larger dotcoms unburdened by a legacy businesses, banks and other

  Whether your team is big or small, dispersed or actively working out of one location, everyone can benefit from this one tip: Get to know your content comrades. This is one of the tips for content marketers explored in detail in Modern Marketing Essentials: Content Marketing,  which was released

  Content marketing is the most direct way to relay your value proposition to your audiences, as content supports engagement with your brand. It does this by employing a storytelling-based approach that people can relate to as a brand narrative. The goal is to leverage the engagement to breed loyalty