The new co-chairman of 21st Century Fox, Lachlan Murdoch, has told investors he doesn’t underestimate the challenges ahead for Fox — especially as its fourth-quarter results are released. Mini-me Murdoch, who stepped into his father’s shoes after Rupert Murdoch stepped down last month, told investors that he fears satellite and

Core banking systems are complex, difficult and expensive — the very antithesis of digital agility. Yet banks that want to embrace the digital revolution have little choice but to power ahead. The good news is that there is an opportunity to realise an 18 to 25 per cent return on

Analytics can help marketers serve the needs of three distinct groups of stakeholders: internal team members, customers, and prospects (or members and future members in the language of credit unions). That’s the view of Lynne Jarman Johnson, CMO of one of the top credit unions in the US state of

AdNear, the Singapore-headquartered location intelligence platform, today announced that it is rebranding as Near. Dropping the word “Ad“ is intended to emphasise the platform’s increased focus on using location data for much beyond targeted mobile advertising. Launched just over two years ago, the company initially started out offering brands the

For an FMCG brand like Kelloggs, one of the biggest challenges is distinguishing between claimed behavior and actual behavior.  While those two things are often hard to reconcile, Kelloggs’ CMO John Broome says the payoff is the marketers Holy Grail. According to Broome, who will be speaking at the ADMA

Most marketers instinctively understand the capacity for data to provide insights into customer behaviour and to help gently nudge the buyer toward the right (or at least preferred) outcome. For many omnichannel retailers though the lag between purchase and delivery remains a blot on the customer experience. How much easier

Blockchains – which are a public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed* – have the potential  to bring major changes in the way in which payments are effected.  At the end of the day a payment is simply a means through which a debit and and

From responsive social marketing to viral videos, Dark Social is one of the developments to occur in social marketing that I have been most optimistic about in recent years. I’m optimistic about Dark Social because it could expand social-led thinking from beyond the social networks into the sphere of Customer Experience.  By doing so, social

Android tablets have the highest video completion rates compared to all other consumer devices in Australia, according to new research from TubeMogul. The research report by TubeMogul found that 83 per cent of standard pre-roll video advertisements were viewed by consumers to completion on Android tablets. This compared to 46

  Since 1995 the world’s internet population has grown from 35 million users to 2.8 billion but even that stunning increase is dwarfed by growth in the world’s mobile phone fleet. Twenty years ago there were only 80 million mobile phones in the world –  today there are 5.2 billion. With