As Twitter closes in on its date with the public markets, some of the scrutiny is proving decidely uncomfortable. We have written before about how pitching Twitter as the anti-Facebook IPO is a dangerous strategy for the company’s bankers to pursue — especially since Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan

Get ready for the huge shift to mobile advertising, from $13 billion this year to $40 billion by 2018. The move will be driven by increased utilization of analytics platforms, allied to the introduction of innovative ad formats and purchasing mechanisms, according to Juniper Research. In its report, (which costs

Humans are verbal beings, and respond best to narrative. Stories contextualise, frame and explain the meaning of quantified results – and help analytics teams gain buy-in and support from non-technical areas of the business. Alas, this storytelling gene isn’t all that common in analytical thinkers, as Neil Mason, SVP of

The Internet of Things, Digital DNA and Gartner’s strategic planning assumptions were the most popular stories for Which-50’s senior digital executive audience this week. (Image: Peter Sondergaard. Source: Linkedin)  And our story from late September about the advantages of decision science versus gut feel-based decision making continues to garner a strong

Google+ may have a billion registered users but it also has a big problem – its turns out forcing people to join your service does not necessarily translate into the kinds of commercial outcomes that put money in the bank. Now, while it may have a lot of money in

The pace of digital transformation and the lack of a shared vision are two of the biggest problems large companies run up against when trying to drive digital change throughout their organisation, according to Capgemini Consulting. Which-50 recently described how a comprehensive Capgemini global study quantified the economic benefits to companies of

For years it was a chimera, an aspiration at best. In this regard, the single view of the customer is less of a goal and more like a process – something akin to the pursuit of happiness. But Moore’s Law, innovation and simple customer expectations have compelled providers in the

Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Welcome to VUCA – the new normal and the consequence of five dramatic shifts driving change in the world over the very long term, according to management consultants McKinsey and Company. Actually the term was originally a military idea and has been co-opted by business

Content marketing soaks up one in three dollars in B2B marketing budgets and that spend is likely to increase in the next twelve months according to a new report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. The North American study found that content marketing is all pervasive,  being employed by

The C-suite should check its instincts at the door and focus on the data. Ironically, for many senior executives trusting to the science of data analysis actually amounts to a leap of faith and means averring a self belief common among many successful managers – that they can bend the world