Timothy Whitfield

In this episode Timothy Whitfield and John Miskelly interviews the CEO of Medialets, Richy Glassberg. They talk about everything from Mobile Attribution to secret travel tips. As always, news of the week is discussed including topics like Facebook counting issues and the creation of mPlatform.

This podcast is with Timothy  Whitfield, John Miskelly and special guest Mark Brandon. Mark works at MCN as their Chief Data Officer. We question Mark about his role as the first CDO in a leading broadcaster. We also focus on news of the week including Atlas, Amazon and Adobe.

If you didn’t catch the first debate then you can read about it here. The debate was about Full Stack vs. Pure Play and it was presented to a packed house. This time the topic is the following: “Which medium is a wiser investment for advertisers media dollars: TV or Digital?”

This article is the latest in the series of AdTech reviews. This time the spotlight was turned to Data Management Platforms (DMPs). Specifically, the subgroup of platforms that can verify the audiences that have been exposed to digital ad-campaigns. For example: this technology verifies if an audience is mostly male or

Following on from my article on Hyper Local Geo Targeting I felt that it would be equally interesting to use scientific principle to forensically dissect another group of Ad-Tech companies that are often clumped together. Not knowing where to start I figured that I might as well start at the beginning of Ad-Tech: Demand

Over the last few months I’ve been approached by many AdTech vendors that are selling “Hyper Local Geo Targeting” for mobile inventory. I’ve been suspicious of the sales people when they say things like “We can target users with an ad for McDonalds whilst they are standing outside of KFC.”