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Brands need to ask some pointed questions to ensure they are getting real value from demand-side platforms (DSP). That’s the view of Timothy Whitfield, the new VP, strategic solutions, Sizmek APAC. Whitfield is one of the best-known technologists in the local adtech sector and made the move from GroupM to

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As brand advertising takes on more of the characteristics of performance, inevitably there will be a push to more directly attribute sales to a category of marketing spend that has avoided such scrutiny in the past. We asked sell and buy-side marketers around the region how likely this is. The future of advertising is

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This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the first programmatic auction which first happened by MediaMath in 2008. In the decade since the technologies and the ecosystem underpinned by programmatic have grown and flourished. In 2017, programmatic display spending reached almost $33 billion globally and in Australia, if you

The IAB MeasureUp 2017 conference saw industry leaders met to discuss the hot topic of measuring digital advertising. Following the conference, participants discussed the importance of a conference focussing on measurement, metrics and advertising effectiveness.

This has been a very big year for me and I’ve had a lot to reflect upon. People that know me will understand what I’m talking about but people that don’t know me will (hopefully) relate to this article anyway. I personally don’t like to say the phrase “I’m sorry”.

The industry loves the term disruption. We are attracted to this type of energy that challenges the status quo, especially when successful disruptions lead to tangible improvements in our society. However, how often do we stop and think about how disruption is challenging other parts of the industry? Specifically, how

Independent bodies like the Media Federation of Australia are so important to the industry. They collectively raise the bar to new heights by bringing so many people from the industry together under one collective roof. This session on 25th October 2017 was called “Fuelling your life for 2018” and it

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The Media Federation of Australia (MFA) hosted its quarterly breakfast mentoring session for the younger media execs that have been in the industry for 5+ years, on Friday 22nd of September 2017. This session was entitled: “Let’s talk Value” and the title was very apt. This tweaked session the MFA

If Hollywood was ever to make an action movie with an amazing female CEO who could single handedly take on an army of ninjas then they would have to cast Anne Frisbie as the heroine. She is a non-nonsense, intelligent, charismatic leader that looks equally as comfortable around the boardroom,

In this podcast, Timothy Whitfield and John Miskelly interview Michael Rubenstein the President of AppNexus. This interview shows the journey from working at Google and creating the worlds first Ad-Exchange to now being the president of AppNexus, arguably the largest and most successful piece of Ad-Tech today.