Plot twists in the TikTok saga continue to emerge daily, with a proposed deal to secure the future of the video sharing platform in the United States now in doubt. Under the deal — which US President Donald Trump initially approved but now may not — US computer tech firm

Oracle has emerged as a rival to Microsoft to buy controversial social media platform TikTok, according to reports. The software giant wants to buy the US operations of TikTok, following an order from president Trump for the Chinese owned platform to sell off its US arm within 90 days because

In what seems to be a common occurrence, Chinese video-sharing app TikTok is once again in the headlines. After months of speculation about national security risks and users’ data being harvested by the Chinese Communist Party, US President Donald Trump has announced plans to ban TikTok in the United States

In an age of isolation, video sharing platform TikTok has emerged as a bonding force for many. But recent headlines allege the service, owned by Beijing-based company ByteDance, is feeding users’ data to the Chinese Communist Party. Earlier this week, the Herald Sun reported that an unnamed federal MP was pushing for

As you’ve probably heard, TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world and was installed 315 million times in the first quarter of the year. It reached two billion cumulative downloads in the current quarter. I recently compiled some information for clients and I’m sharing it here as you

TikTok, the latest app-based social media fad beloved by digital natives and incompetent middle-aged dancers has opened an Australian office and announced several key executives hires. While its star is rising rapidly, the Chinese based company’s history is not without controversy.  According to Wikipedia, “In December 2019, the United States

Social media app TikTok is gaining popularity with not only Gen Z but other generations have embraced the video-sharing platform.  According to the global edition of the We Are Social Digital 2020 report TikTok was the fourth most downloaded social app following Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp in 2019. In Australia

Short-form mobile video platform TikTok has revealed it will launch its first global marketing campaign across the world with Japanese clothing apparel business Uniqlo starting June 25. TikTok claims the campaign is a first-of-its-kind to engage a new and influential generation of consumers through a novel format in the form