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The edge will be an important data processing role, with IDC predicting more data will increasingly be processed through the edge rather than at the endpoint or core. The endpoint refers to devices like mobiles and PCs while the core is large data centres, including cloud. The IDC white paper

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The growth in mobile internet users with a voracious appetite for online entertainment is accelerating the amount of data produced across Asia Pacific region. According to IDC, Asia Pacific and Japan is one of the fastest growing data regions, and by 2025 it will be the third largest datasphere globally.

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Many marketers are only now getting used to the advantages of cloud computing, having been led there often by their marketing technology providers. But a new trend is emerging that could disrupt cloud computing, or radically reframe how it operates at the margin. Welcome to edge computing. In the cloud,

The term “Edge computing” is starting to get a lot of air time, along with suggestions it might blow away clouds and get the likes of Amazon and Microsoft trembling. It won’t do that. Indeed, it might just give the big clouds an interesting extension. Take our Which-50 reader survey

Today, cloud computing is eating enterprise data centers, as more and more workloads are born in the cloud, and some are transforming and moving to the cloud. But there’s another trend that will shift workloads and data and processing and business value significantly away from the cloud. Take our Which-50