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While companies might reap significant gains in productivity from automating certain jobs, this won’t necessarily lead to pay rises for everyone. The evidence suggests businesses might pass on the gains to some workers, but not to all. Some 40 per cent of all jobs are predicted to disappear with automation

Acquiring Disney may make Apple’s products more valuable due to exclusive content and streaming rights, but it also goes against what Apple is good at – what does it know about running theme parks? With US President Donald Trump’s tax reform to be implemented this month, Apple will be able

The world’s largest annual consumer technology show — CES 2018 in Las Vegas — ends today and some of the most exciting gadgets this year were on display in the augmented reality (AR) marketplace. This follows the news, announced in December, that 2018 will be the year the previously secretive

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The sale of Westfield to the French property firm Unibail-Rodamco draws to a close (with a A$32 billion reward) one of Australia’s greatest business success stories. But it also shows where Australian retail could be headed next. Westfield has been at the heart of Australian retail innovation and development since


Bitcoin may be the most famous example of a blockchain in use, but it is actually a rather unimaginative way to use it. The blockchain is finally starting to fulfil its promise as a game-changing technology, a kind of infrastructure for record-keeping. To facilitate movement of value (such as money)

A common idea about the blockchain — the technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — is that it can “create trust”, or allow two parties to make a transaction “without relying on trust”. If true, this would mean we could create a world without a trusted “man in the

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Replacing human decision-making with algorithms seems to make sense. People tend to rely on unreliable cognitive shortcuts, get fatigued or distracted, and can be swayed by subjective opinion and inter-personal alliances. On the other hand, algorithms are bearers of encoded logic which consistently execute pre-determined decision criteria. Therefore they are

Machine learning algorithms work blindly towards the mathematical objective set by their designers. It is vital that this task include the need to behave ethically. Such systems are exploding in popularity. Companies use them to decide what news you see and who you meet online dating. Governments are starting to


With Amazon expected to open its doors in Australia this year, questions are being asked about how this US giant with a reputation for tax avoidance in the UK and Europe will navigate the Australian taxation system. Global firms such as Starbucks, Google and Amazon have come under fire for

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has finally issued guidance to explain how “initial coin offerings” (ICOs) will be regulated. Sign up to Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter ICOs are a form of crowdfunding, with companies raising funds by selling tokens or cryptocurrencies to investors with promises of a social