European GDP could increase by four per cent, generating as much as €250 billion by 2020, if the single market genuinely adopts a digital agenda, according to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. In a paper for the European Union’s Digital Agenda for Europe project, Schmidt writes, “Europe needs to reform and

Retailers are beyond the technology tipping point, according to Devin Wenig, president of eBay Marketplaces. In a recent interview with McKinsey and Company and available as a series of seven small video grabs, Wenig tells the management consultants, “I think the last two years in particular have been extraordinary in

Customers are an unreasonable lot, and digital has made them more so. They want their information when it suits them, and they want seamless integration across the whole omni-channel experience — shops, call centres, mobiles, computers and tablets. Marketers need to tap that sentiment to sell more widgets, and companies