Teams in America’s National Basketball Association have increasingly been turning to data and analytics to optimise their playing strategies and identify otherwise underrated players. But the trend is also on the rise in NBA marketing departments and has helped one team improve its ad spend 177 per cent. Sign up

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Tealium has appointed Nic Dennis as the new vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific. In his new role, Dennis will oversee growth across Asia Pacific, working closely with Tealium’s strategic partners and helping drive customer success. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter Based in Sydney, Dennis will

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Data platform company Tealium is positioning itself as an AI enabler on three fronts: data preparation, using machine learning to identify audiences and, activating those insights through marketers’ digital channels. “We are not an AI company, we are an AI enabler,” Tealium’s CEO Jeff Lunsford told Which-50 during a recent

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Vocus Communications has tapped customer data orchestration solution company Tealium and agency The Lumery to build out its martech ecosystem. The aim of the digital transformation is to spearhead customer acquisition as well as customer retention and upsell strategies. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter Vocus Communications selected the

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Customer data orchestration solution company Tealium has hired Mandy Eyles as the new head of channel partnerships for Australia and New Zealand. In her role she will continue to expand the partner ecosystem in Australia and focus on driving strategic value with agencies, consultancies and technology partners, by leveraging Tealium’s

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Digital transformation is not an add-on strategy. That’s the view of Tealium CMO Adam Corey, who believes this realisation has finally sunk in with CEOs across the globe who, he says, are taking a much more direct role in leading the change. As power leeches out of the increasingly permeable

Tealium, has announced the availability of its Australian data centre, a necessary development following rapid expansion in the APAC region.. The company said its Australian data centre ensures Australian clients can meet local storage compliance and governance requirements for real-time customer data. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The

Global cosmetics brand Nude by Nature has run a detailed A/B test to finally determine the real impact of retargeted advertising on its sales. “Attribution modeling gives you an idea of retargeted display’s role in the path to purchase. But many of those sales may have occurred without the retargeting,

Tealium has announced changes to it real-time data solutions. According to the company, they will deliver a universal approach to managing the increasing flows of customer data for today’s digital businesses. The product, Universal Data Hub (UDH) is designed to provide a centralised platform to unify and access customer data,

Big data is like a chronic disease — we are just going to have to live with it forever, says Jay Calavas, Chief Innovation Officer at Tealium. Calavas, Tealium employee number five and a long term stalwart of the digital marketing sector, was speaking to Which-50 during a recent visit