In the latest episode of Boardroom.Media’s sustainable business series, Impact Pioneers, Michael Gumbly, CEO of Megado Gold discusses the company’s impact journey and how they are creating Shared Value in Ethiopia.  “Being that we’re new and we’re a Start-Up, what we’ve been trying to do from the outset is

energyOS recently launched its digital energy services platform eOS on AWS Marketplace to help utility companies implement clean energy capabilities. eOS will assist AWS customers in supporting their climate change commitments by providing a digital catalogue of clean and renewable energy services. According to Stephen Kubicki, CEO, energyOS, “With eOS available

Microsoft has just launched a virtual data centre tour, showcasing the company’s approach to sustainable operations. The virtual tour allows users to navigate through various rooms in the data centre, with click-throughs to educational tools such as infographics and 3D models. Learn more: Discover the Fastest Route to Carbon Neutral IT

Organisations are transforming how they operate as evidence grows that sustainable operations drive business growth. All the key corporate stakeholders necessary for success are contributing to the shift — including consumers, employees, partners and investors. Further reading: Discover the fastest route to carbon neutral IT operations  And while for many

  The private sector is beginning to understand its role in responding to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Boardroom.Media’s latest thought leadership series, Impact Pioneers: The Sustainable Corporates Series showcases companies that have put sustainability at the core of their business model and are, through their products or

Private equity companies are increasingly betting that broad economic forces — underpinned by the growing acceptable of the need for businesses to operate sustainably consumer, employees and investors — will rapidly change consumer behaviours and attitudes, says Bain and Company in an online paper called The Expanding Case for ESG

A recent study by McKinsey & Company suggests that consumer preferences, technology and regulation have transformed the mobility sector as a result of COVID-19.  Passengers concerned about hygiene and safety have turned away from public transport, and are favouring private modes of travel — including bikes, scooters and even private

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A year of global upheaval and accelerated digital transformation is driving exponential growth in the rate at which information is created, stored and shared. “And all of that information needs data centres to store it, power it, secure it, and make it available,” says NEXTDC CEO, Craig Scroggie. “We are

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A recent report by global consulting company Accenture suggests that upskilling in tech and digital capabilities and investing in sustainability will be key to the pandemic recovery.  Accenture’s Chief Experience Officer (CXO) pulse survey compares the opportunities and challenges that CXOs are facing globally as they grapple with what customer

Respecting the planet and supporting a more sustainable future is something we take very seriously at Xero, and we know it’s front of mind for many of our people and customers around the globe. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Xero has been certified carbon neutral for our owned and