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Companies can unlock the next area of growth by identifying and building a “social value proposition”, according to Gartner.  Speaking today at the Gartner Symposium on the Gold Coast, VP and Gartner Fellow in Gartner’s CEO Research team, Partha Iyengar argued organisations need to find a topic relevant to their

Business leaders increasingly view sustainability as an imperative rather than a choice. By aligning their business to the demands of stakeholders such as consumers, employees, and investors, for higher standards of corporate conduct, they also hope to build brand equity – and by extension, margin. The announcement by the Business

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Once viewed as a costly exercise, sustainability is being embraced by a growing number of retailers as a strategy that delivers cost savings and satisfies the demands of consumers. Companies are exploring automation tools to reduce the amount of packaging used, trying to find alternatives to plastic, and looking to

South East Water is currently undergoing a transformation aimed at reducing the cost of water bills and providing increased value to customers by better managing its $4 billion of infrastructure and assets. Lucia Cade, Chair of South East Water’s Board, says the organisation’s approach to R&D, technology and transformation has

A pilot of a smart bathroom solution in a commercial building has confirmed what women have long suspected: despite being roughly the same size, the ladies’ toilets are being used twice as much as men’s. The insight is just one finding from a 20-month trial of Caroma’s IoT bathroom solution,