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It’s tough in the global supply chain these days. For months, COVID-19 has caused logistical delays in freight movements because of limited infrastructure movement, locked-down freight workers and government restrictions. To make this bad problem worse, the pandemic has yielded unprecedented demand for lockdown-desirable goods like consumer electronics, home improvement

Board thinks laterally Was Ferrari reading Which-50’s recent piece on embracing change during the digital transformation of their model line? Ferrari has tapped Benedetto Vigna of STMicroelectronics to be their next CEO. Insiders had longed speculated that the next CEO might come from the world of consumer electronics, so Vigna’s

Biden-Harris staying with Trump Onshoring The Biden Administration released its 100-day Supply Chain Review for critical components and materials. The Review builds on the previous work conducted at the behest of the Trump Administration in connection with its policy on the onshoring of industry.  The current Administration has been particularly

It's time to prepare for the supply chain oft he future.

Moving goods around the globe has always had its challenges. From a ship stuck in a canal to unpredictable international and domestic border closures, recent years have supplied an even greater test to what we thought we knew about supply chains. According to EY’s think tank, EYQ, the current linear

The wave of national protests in the USA last year against systemic racism prompted leadership teams across the country to increase their engagement with businesses owned by Black people, women and other underrepresented groups. Now, almost a year after the wave of protests began, a growing number of executives are

Stan Aronow, VP Distinguished Advisor Gartner Supply Chain, and Unilever CSCO Marc Engel recently moderated a virtual Leaders in Action (LIA) event on the theme of running purpose-driven supply chains. Twenty-five COOs and CSCOs of large global companies joined this interactive event. They shared perspectives and heard from peers on

We’ve never been strangers to disruption in the supply chain, but lately, we keep getting hit with ones we just didn’t expect. In some cases, cascading disruptions like the winter storm in Texas caused utilities to fail, knocking out critical upstream capacity in petrochemicals and semiconductors. This failure, in turn,

Supply chain executives may not know it, but their post-COVID professional future is the subject of some serious board-level discussions. With the arrival of vaccines, leaders are making decisions that affect the future of their enterprises, and where and how people work. Further supply chain reading Sustainable Supply Chains Shift

It's time to prepare for the supply chain oft he future.

Welcome to 2021! Walt Disney once said, “I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.” This would be good advice for executives as they develop their digital supply chain strategies. While being optimistic is

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75 per cent of businesses say they will make changes to supply chain practices based on lessons learned from the pandemic which disrupted operations and surged demand, according to a study by BluJay Solutions. The supply chain management company commissioned Adelante SCM, in partnership with the Council of Supply Chain