From responsive social marketing to viral videos, Dark Social is one of the developments to occur in social marketing that I have been most optimistic about in recent years. I’m optimistic about Dark Social because it could expand social-led thinking from beyond the social networks into the sphere of Customer Experience.  By doing so, social

  Since 1995 the world’s internet population has grown from 35 million users to 2.8 billion but even that stunning increase is dwarfed by growth in the world’s mobile phone fleet. Twenty years ago there were only 80 million mobile phones in the world –  today there are 5.2 billion. With

  By leveraging the intelligence and innovative technology available today, marketers can transform their teams into agile organisations. That’s the recommendation of a new paper called the “Kenshoo Guide to Agile Marketing: How to get ahead and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.”  (Download here.) We will be examining

Paul Dovas, Chief Executive Officer of the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) is stepping down from his position of CEO, putting thus an end to 16 years within the organisation. Mr Dovas will pursue opportunities in digital media, a move he has been planning for some time. “Paul has