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Are you one of the billion active TikTok users? Or are you rather the Twitter type? Either way, chances are you have come across hateful content online. Hate speech starts offline — and can be accelerated by threats to society. COVID-19 is one such example: the pandemic has fuelled a global wave

In recent days tens of thousands of Nazis, white supremacists, and sundry other racist footsloggers from the conspiracy fuelled, tin-foil-hat brigade have found themselves thrown off their social media platforms following the attempted violent overthrow of the Electoral College process at the completion of the US election cycle. Five people

Social media usage inside companies is expanding far beyond the Marketing department and is now a core piece of digital transformation architecture, according to Hootsuite CEO Tom Keiser, who replaced founder Ryan Holmes earlier this year. Holmes is now the Chairman of the company. “Social media started as a sub-department

Digital channels such as social media, alternative news sources, blogging, and crowdsourcing have become critical in the fight for social justice. Campaigns that harness people power through online platforms can add pressure to decision-makers and can shift the outcome of diplomatic and political agendas.  But despite the often fraught relationship

It would take nearly half a day of non-stop reading to read the privacy policies of the top 16 most downloaded social media apps, which total more than 92,000 words, according to a new study. On average, social media privacy policies are 6,152 words long and take over 47 minutes

Facebook made several attempts to break into the dating market over the years, none of them successful, but now LGBTI dating app TAIMI wants to evolve into a social network. The early experience suggests it may have better luck. According to founder Alex Pasykov, who also previously launched another dating

The Cambridge Analytica scandal alerted millions of social media users around the globe to how easily their data could be harvested and used for purposes they neither consent to nor imagined. But while the scandal sparked a wave of new privacy legislation around the globe, the movement has had little

Facebook’s newest ecommerce play has the potential to radically shake up the digital marketing and retail landscapes, according to retail expert Nathan Bush. Unveiled last week, Facebook Shops is a new set of commerce tools that allow retailers to set up online storefronts on Facebook and Instagram. In this week’s

Just over 50 per cent of Australians believe brands should not advertise as normal in the current COVID-19 climate, according to a new Hootsuite and We Are Social April Global Statshot report.  The research shows only 48 per cent of Australians want brands to advertise as normal. However, global data

As concerns over the coronavirus pandemic grow, Australians are banding together on social platforms to share resources and mitigate the challenges of self-isolation. Medical authorities are also leveraging the platforms to disseminate information more quickly and credibly than in the past. Nextdoor, a social platform designed for neighbours in the