From responsive social marketing to viral videos, Dark Social is one of the developments to occur in social marketing that I have been most optimistic about in recent years. I’m optimistic about Dark Social because it could expand social-led thinking from beyond the social networks into the sphere of Customer Experience.  By doing so, social

Who are the professionals that plan the social media strategies of the largest banks in the world? And above all, how do they do on their own social networks? In Alianzo we were wandering about all this, so we have decided to analyse it. We have selected 33 banks from

There’s a lot of buzz right now about certain employers asking job candidates for access to their Facebook or other social media logins. I get it. Bad hiring decisions are expensive. Employers want every advantage to make sure they hire the best person for the role. They’ve been burned, and

The social business apps market will almost triple over the next four years, growing from $US13.9B in revenue lat year to $37B by 2019. The figures are drawn from study by 451 Research which looked at areas such as marketing automation, social media monitoring & management, enterprise collaboration/social, and web

  The marketer of the 1990s is worlds away from the marketer of today. While everyone is quick to blame social media and the necessity for immediacy, a new white paper by Sitecore points to a number of other factors besides social media which have seen marketing flipped on its

Social media ad spending surged 33 per cent globally last year and the growth continues. Brands are on track to spend $23.68 billion this year, according to figures from eMarketer. By 2017, the researchers say that figure will further balloon to almost $36 billion and represent 16 per cent of

The holy grail of social media marketing is to be able to channel content to influencers which resonates with them to the extent that they amplify such content into their networks — thus generating “earned media” at scale. The skill in maximising the return on investment for such content marketing lies

Outside of China, the world’s two fastest growing social networks are Pinterest and Tumblr which are powering along at 97 per cent and 95 cent audience growth respectively. Tumblr in particular had a very robust second half. It is possible that Marissa Mayer’s gift to Yahoo  may challenge Pinterest for

Google and Facebook dominate the online advertising space for a couple of simple reasons – firstly for their huge and engaged audiences, secondly for their extraordinary campaign capabilities and thirdly for data they hold on all us. And they capture that data not only when we visit their sites, but

Most of the universe is made up of dark matter. It turns out the same is true for web traffic. Analysis by Radiumone suggests that the overwhelming majority of web traffic coming to your site from outside sources that can’t be tracked by analytics software. However separate analysis by Chartbeat