As the market matures, the growth of internet ad spend in Australia is expected to slow down dramatically, dropping from 12 per cent to 3 per cent by 2021. That’s according to new ad spend forecasts released by Zenith today. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter “Internet ad spend

Where voice commerce currently lacks, social commerce excels, is the key takeout from Episerver’s third-annual Reimagining Commerce report released overnight. Consumers indicating they used a voice-assisted device such like Amazon Echo or Google Home to research before a purchase has risen 83 per cent year-over-year, despite prevailing security concerns, according

Australia is the country that trusts social media the least, according to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer. The annual report found Australia, alongside France, is the least trusting country globally in social media — 26 per cent compared to the global average of 43 per cent. Sign up to Which-50’s

Social media plays an integral part when it comes to the relationship between consumers and brands.  These social channels are more than just posting a status or image on branded pages. Marketers are using them to interact with their customers and get feedback about their products. Social media gives the


Attribution will continue to remain aspirational in 2019, according to Kieley Taylor, Managing Partner, Global Head of Social at GroupM. But brands may be able to learn from China’s largest social media network, WeChat. The Chinese app has evolved far beyond messaging and is used to facilitate banking and payments,

An interesting data point from the number crunchers at Adobe: social media is generating more traffic for retailers but those visitors aren’t converting into sales. Social media revenue-per-visitor (RPV) has dropped 11 per cent since the third quarter of 2016, despite rising referral traffic from social networks to retailers’ sites,

Social media management company Sprout Social has released a report showing that 90 per cent of people surveyed have used social media platforms in some way to communicate directly with a brand, the problem is that brands are ignoring the majority of these consumer communications. People on social want a response to

As customers engage with different advertising channels, marketers have been searching for innovative ways to identity them and market to them in a more personal way. One challenge has been around the friction involved in obtaining a customer’s personal information and permission to contact them. If the ask is not

Australia needs a broader social capacity for digital entrepreneurship. Our digital payday won’t deliver itself Let’s talk facts. The digital revolution, with all its optimistic projections,  opportunistic disruptions, and imaginative thinking, is far from  fulfilling its potential for growth. The World Economic Forum earlier this year said digitisation was on

Snapchat emerges as the number 3 social media app The Internet is fueled by yoof, or “millennials” as the Americans like to call them. Researchers are constantly sifting through the entrails of their digital behaviour, trying to determine what they can tell us about the future. So what to make