Smartphones are now at the heart of Australian consumers’ digital experience, driving trends in media, entertainment and ecommerce. Based on a 120-minute survey with a representative sample of over 1,000 Australians, The Telsyte Australian Digital Consumer Study 2020 brings together the collective knowledge of its industry analysts and proprietary databases

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A new study from Juniper Research has found that revenues from VR-specific games will reach $8.2 billion by 2023, rising from an expected $1.2 billion in 2019. It argued that development of smartphone VR content is essential to increase consumer confidence in VR across all platforms, following a disappointing year

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Southeast Asia’s internet economy is expected to exceed US$240 billion by 2025, a fifth more than previously estimated, as more consumers use their smartphones to go online. The joint study from Google and Temasek first published in 2016, encompasses ride-hailing, ecommerce, online travel and online media. The latest report, released

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By 2019 Australian smartphone penetration will reach 89 per cent and time spent on mobile internet will rise to 130.9 minutes a day. This growing engagement helped mobile advertising expenditure in Australia grow by 33 per cent on 2016 to a total of $2.6 billion in FY17. The figures are


Annual cellular data traffic, generated by smartphones, tablets, connected cars, and other M2M modules, will reach 129,000 PB (Petabytes) by 2018, equivalent to approximately 14 billion hours of 4K video streaming. The figures are contained in a new report from Juniper. The new research, called Mobile Data Offload & Onload:

Android tablets have the highest video completion rates compared to all other consumer devices in Australia, according to new research from TubeMogul. The research report by TubeMogul found that 83 per cent of standard pre-roll video advertisements were viewed by consumers to completion on Android tablets. This compared to 46

Well that was quick. It’s less than eight years since Apple launched the iPhone and ushered in the smartphone era (sorry Blackberry). Now, according to Global Web Index, more than 80 per cent of 17 to 31 year olds around the world own a smartphone. Of course it’s not really

Within two years, tablets will have overtaken smartphones as the preferred online mobile banking platform, according to Forrester Research. The growth is stunning: from 19 million users last year to 118 million by 2018. Mobile phone banking users will more than double in that time, from 42 million to 99

Are we coming to the end of the explosive growth phase for mobility. New figures from research analysts IDC certainly seems to suggest all the characteristics of a maturing market. Smartphone unit growth is expected to drop to below 20 per cent this year and decay further – into single

Tablets will overtake smartphones as the preferred mobile platform for consumers with money to burn, according to Adobe’s latest research. In fact, it has already started — tablet users spend more money per purchase than smartphone users. The research, called “Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Study,” found that for users who