The future of property is smart sustainability, says Ed Horton, Director of Stable Properties. The property developer is using tech-enabled innovations to build energy efficient, sustainable homes. The combination of passive design and engineering to reduce waste, and increase efficiencies means that properties developed with a smart sustainability approach

Well that was quick. It’s less than eight years since Apple launched the iPhone and ushered in the smartphone era (sorry Blackberry). Now, according to Global Web Index, more than 80 per cent of 17 to 31 year olds around the world own a smartphone. Of course it’s not really

Two new studies reveal how quickly the smart home market is emerging. The first, by Grand View Research suggests the market could be worth $US47B by 2020. The second by Lowes reveals that consumers in the US rank security and home monitoring the highest (62 per cent) priorities. “In general,

  Banking sector tech investments, the customer experience priority, Smart Homes and the difference between e-businesses and d-businesses were amongst the most popular new digital research released around the world in the last week, according to the latest KINSHIP digital/Which-50 analysis of the social chatter. Gartner in particular featured very

The internet of things is coming home. Currently a vague and nebulous idea for anyone outside of the information or industrial sector, an explosion of smart home automation is set to reframe the discussion. And spending is set to increase locally in the sectorfrom $160M this year to over $900M

Mobility is dominating much of the marketing planning at the moment as brands play catch up with consumer preference. And the change has been swift. As we’ve have noted before, only two years ago Facebook generated no revenues from mobility and today it represents more than half the treasure. Locally

  Cities turning smart, companies turning tech and the BBC board turning off a 100 million pound digital transformation disaster dominated readership on Which-50 this week. A report from last week into the aggressive moves by China’s ecommerce leaders into banking also surged again thanks to distribution by FST Media.

Smart Cities: How digital will put people in the centre Digital is permeating every aspect of life. Healthcare, retail, transport, communications, government. As digital undergoes continued adoption, it will continue to drive improved communications, real-time access to data and connected products and services (things), and deliver better experiences for all