The explosion in remote work because of social distancing restrictions has accelerated Australia’s move out of offices by a decade and brought into sharp focus the value of digital experiences, according to Australian technology leaders. Didier Elzinga, co-founder and CEO of local tech unicorn Culture Amp today said the COVID-19

The shift to working from home arrangements for Which-50 readers in digital, technology, and marketing departments has been sudden, dramatic and close to absolute. Of the more than 30 executives we contacted for this story, 95 per cent said they are not going into the office at all anymore, and

   Businesses with experience of cloud computing are coping much better than those without, as the massive shift of knowledge workers from office environments to home working rolls out at unprecedented scale and speed. In a new APAC leader technology video panel produced by Which-50 and Boardroom Media this

Australia’s online retailers have established a COVID-19 war room hosted in Slack to share plans and ideas to keep staff safe and businesses operational during the rapidly evolving coronavirus outbreak. Established late last week by Kate Morris, the founder and CEO of Adore Beauty, the channel now has 114 members.

Companies increasingly say they want to obsess over the customer outcome, but what does that really mean at a product development level? This morning in San Francisco in a preliminary event for BoxWorks, Which-50 attended a panel discussion featuring the product leaders of four leading collaboration platform vendors; Jeetu Patel

The market for tools which helps employees collaborate is expected to grow from an estimated US$2.7 billion in 2018 to US$4.8 billion by 2023, nearly doubling in size, according to Gartner. Social software and collaboration in the workplace includes products like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Yammer and

Most IT decision makers believe that messaging and team collaboration platforms like Slack and Teams, and file sharing and syncing apps like Dropbox and Onedrive, are vulnerable to cyberattacks, according to a report from Israeli cybersecurity firm Perception Point. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The Tel Aviv-based company surveyed 500

How does a yearly work email count in the single digits sound? According to Amir Shevat, head of developer relations at Slack, that is where we’re headed. It’s part of a shift to Conversational Interfaces which are the future of communication and the next big technology race, he says. “We

cross-device identity

Microsoft Teams is now available to all Office 365 business customers following a successful trial. Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool for businesses that creates a digital workspace. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance to win a pair of Sony H.ear Bluetooth headphones

Cecilia Stallsmith, platform marketing manager at software company Slack, is very excited about the future of chatbots in the workplace. “We see a tonne of promise for bots because they can help you to reduce friction within your work day,” Stallsmith said, while speaking to media during a visit to