If elected on Saturday an Australian Labor Government will address Australia’s digital skills gap, establish centres of excellence for AI and blockchain, encourage more startup activity, and reform controversial encryption laws. Each of the moves has been outlined by Shadow Minister for Human Services and the Digital Economy, Ed Husic,

So, marketing leaders, you have a new data scientist on your team? First of all, congratulations! Data scientists are rare and expensive, which means hiring one is a true feat for most marketing leaders. Not to mention, you’ve unlocked a host of new possibilities. Leveraging predictive? Making use of AI?

Cyber crime is a threat to every organisation that operates internet-connected devices. It’s highly profitable, highly disruptive, and hard to police due to the transnational nature of cyberspace. Incidences of cyber crime might include fraud, identity theft or privacy breaches, which can have a high personal impact. Ransomware, which locks

We live in a disrupted age. For those already struggling, the situation is unlikely to improve.  Indeed, listen to management consultants like McKinsey and Company, and they will tell you all value chains will be disrupted. But we are not so much accelerating towards entropy, as replacing an old order

NAB has launched the NAB Cloud Guild, a technology training program which will give more than 2000 NAB employees the opportunity to develop skills in cloud computing, working with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The program will provide participants – from beginners to professional developers – with the opportunity to acquire

Australian workers say they will need more technology training in the near future and they should not bear the cost, according to research from YouGov Galaxy commissioned by Salesforce. According to the research, 62 per cent of workers believe they will require technology training within the next two years in

He may have left the building, but the dream of Marketo founder (and ex CEO) Phil Fernandez to help lift the contemporary capabilities of marketers via links to the University community has survived the transition of the company to new ownership. His successor Steve Lucas used the company’s conference in

Digital transformation

One of the biggest impediments to faster uptake of digital transformation is a lack of skills inside the organisation and a tight labour market beyond the boundaries of the company boundaries. In a recent ADMA Think Tank the problem of developing and retaining the best digital capabilities registered highly among

The next generation of family business owners remain pessimistic about the digital progress of their inheritance, with less than half feeling their company strategies are fit for digital purpose. That is a key finding from PWC’s global Next Generation family business survey. The 2016 survey returned to the earlier participants of its

The changing nature of the skills we need to be successful Five years ago, having “Social Media” in your title was avant-garde. This didn’t last long. As businesses struggled to build capability in this unfamiliar technology, the number of advertised Social Media jobs grew exponentially until, in 2012, the market