Mobile accounted for the majority of online shopping traffic this year on Thanksgiving Day in the US with the trend carrying into Black Friday though it still fell just a squeak short of a majority. This topic – predictably dominated the omnichannel chatter this week. Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50

Mobile commerce,  where consumers actually transact from the phone as opposed to just research purchases, has attracted a lot of buzz in recent months. Brands can’t help but salivate at the prospect of being one convenient click away from a sale, especially as we all carry a cash register around

The world’s biggest online shopping day — China’s 24-hour Singles Day event — blew away previous records in just its first hour. Consumers across Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall spent $US2 billion in just 60 minutes, doubling last year’s result. The only real question is by how much will last year’s

It’s all about mobile. It’s all about smartphone apps. It’s all about ecommerce. Except that it isn’t. If you are in the business of selling Zimmer frames or boxed sets of “Brideshead Revisited” you might want to revisit your mobile ecommerce business plan. It turns out that Gen X and

A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to speak at the DiG Festival about the future of retail. The panel, hosted by retail guru Nancy Georges, evolved very quickly away from a simple notion of retail to one augmented by digital technology, mobile connectivity and dominated by a

Ecommerce outfit Shopify, which provides a platform to over 100,000 online retailers, reports that in late August that more people used mobile phones and tablets than PCs to visit stores on its network. In a post on the company’s Ecommerce University blog, Founder and CEO Tobi Lütke wrote “We have

Kenshoo has rolled out full support for the Google Shopping platform, and will start migrating its clients this week. First launched in 2002 as Froogle — and relaunched in 2012 — Google Shopping allows consumers in about 23 countries (including Australia) to search for products on shopping web sites and compare

Smartphones have put enormous power into the hands of consumers and changed the nature of shopping along the way. But there’s a catch: while phones have become a regular feature of the retail experience, they are not the preferred digital platform for consumers … yet. Instead the trusty PC —

Australians spend $60 billion a year on groceries, the vast majority of it in store.  And while the data suggests times might be ripe for change  – smart phone owners outspend non smartphone owners by two to one – for now grocery remains the retail category least susceptible to digital