In the UK, one in seven customers placing a click and collect order will never actually collect it, according to a new study. The perceived hassle of click and collect is leaving around £228million of goods uncollected at stores across the country with shoppers citing long queues, hidden collection desks

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By 2040, one in five retail purchases in Australia could be made by smart appliances and household devices, according to a new prediction from Telsyte. The figures are contained in Telsyte Australian [email protected] Market Study 2019 which forecasts the IoT-Commerce market could be worth more than $100 billion in Australia,

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Freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace Freelancer has acquired Channel 40, an enterprise marketplace connecting freight owners and transport operators. Leadership Webinar: Which-50’s 2019 Outlook and Business Transformation Drivers webinar is set for November 27. Register today! Simultaneously with the acquisition, the company announced the launch of, a global marketplace for

When it comes to online shopping, and despite the wide variety of opportunities Australian customers demonstrate a clear preference for particular types of purchases. According to the 2018 SAP Consumer Propensity Report, travel, fashion and entertainment top the online shopping list. Among those surveyed, 72 per cent are buying flights,

Make no mistake: Amazon is coming and when they hit Australian shores retailers will need to be ready. Numbers published this month by financial firm PiperJaffray provide insight into some very scary growth that will undoubtedly be the nail in the coffin for many physical retailers – unless they start preparing their defenses now. Stores have been slowly leaking sales

The third annual WalkerSands Future of Retail Study finds that the big consumer behavioural shifts have stalled, but significant changes are still happening below the radar. Not surprisingly, consumers prefer to go online for books and electronics but groceries — and to a lesser extent consumer packaged goods — remain firmly wedged in

Figures release by iResearch China demonstrate the extraordinary power Alibaba wield in the Chinese ecommerce market, where it controls nearly 85 per cent of the mobile shopping market. According to Resonance Chinas, “The numbers are impressive with mobile Taobao and mobile Tmall making up 84.5 per cent of China’s RMB

One in three Australians are likely to make a retail purchase on their smartphone in the next 12 months according to a new study by YouGov, however impediments remain. About a third of those surveyed said the small screen size of the phone was given put them off purchasing, however

People have a mental model of shopping that is based on experiences from brick-and-mortar stores. We intuitively understand how this process works: all available products are displayed around the store and the prices are clearly marked. Many stores offer deals via coupons, membership cards, or to special classes of people

  Online shopping in the world’s largest consumer market continues to demonstrate robust growth. Since 2005 the total value of online sales during the holiday season in the US has increased from $19.6 billion to $53.3 billion with only one down year in 2008 – at the height of the