86 400, the digital only bank NAB is set to buy, will use behavioural biometrics data to try and distinguish if someone other than the customer is accessing or creating an account. Behavioural biometrics is a way of monitoring digital behaviour rather than verifying a person’s physical biometrics like fingerprints.

Cloud technologies exploded in popularity in 2020 as organisations scrambled to respond to migrating workers and customers. But the cloud tools and migrations are creating a host of migration and security headaches, according to Trend Micro which says many organisations are unaware of the best practices required. While public cloud

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Digital transformations in Australia are moving at a snail’s pace relative to regional neighbours, according to research by French technology multinational Thales. The company surveyed more than 500 executives in the region for its latest Data Threat Report, finding a rush to leverage digital technologies is causing security and complexity

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COVID-19 has accelerated the introduction of remote working by at least five years for 60 per cent of organisations in Australia, with the trend especially pronounced in retail, catering & leisure,  manufacturing & utilities ), and IT & telecommunications. The figures are contained in a new study by Barracuda Networks.

Banking newcomer Volt is leveraging a fraud protection solution from IBM which uses AI and machine learning to analyse behavioural and fraudulent patterns. During today’s Data and AI Forum hosted by IBM, the challenger bank announced it integrated IBM’s Safer Payments solution into its online banking platform 10 weeks ago.  

Australia’s privacy watchdog is looking into claims Alinta Energy failed to protect its 1.1 million customers’ data following its sale to Chinese investors in 2017. A joint investigation by the Nine newspapers and ABC published earlier this week uncovered a series of data protection red flags, including poor privacy compliance

The Australian government today released the first version of its Internet of Things (IoT) Code of practice. The voluntary code, aimed at industry, outlines 13 security principles which represent the “standard for IoT devices” for device manufacturers, IoT service providers, and application developers. The seven page document includes brief recommendations

GitHub announced it is releasing native mobile applications for iOS and Android, and unveiled a new approach to open source security during its annual developer event in San Francisco this week. From today a mobile version of GitHub is available through a public beta with android “coming soon”. The mobile

Unless you use 3D Building Information Models (BIM) or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) you may not even know about plans to create a 3D Digital World, but you should. TL;DR (Executive summary) The internet has been a boon, but also a source of increasing threats: cyber-crime, terrorism and war; fakes,

Email address and phone numbers provided to enable for two factor authentication of Twitter users’ accounts were used to target advertisements, the company revealed this week.  Twitter said it wasn’t aware of how many people were impacted by the mistake and no personal data was ever shared externally with its