Malcolm Turnbull does it again, topping the pops in our Digital Transformation Chatter Report. Turnbull is the only Australian ever to reach such lofty heights, and now he has done it twice,  this time courtesy of the announcement of the search for the new government digital chief. Each weekday the

Predictive marketing software outfit  Kenshoo, has partnered with international call tracking  provider Delacon to enable companies to include call tracking data generated from search marketing campaign along with other conversion activity. The reward: better paid search results for brands and agencies. Data imported by Delacon into the Kenshoo suite will

There is a reason why Google captures close to 50 per cent of the digital advertising spend in Australia – search works. And the reason it works is that buyers signal their intent through the queries they type into the bar. For much of the last decade display advertising has

Kenshoo research has identified significant increases in spending on search and social advertising in Q2 2014: search advertising is up 25 per cent and social advertising is up 51 per cent year-over-year (YoY) across its client base. The company has over 6000 clients who spend over $US2.5B. According to Ruud

A study by Marin Software, of advertisers with a combined spend of over $US6 billion, finds that mobile devices will account for 50 per cent of online advertising spend within 18 months. According to the study — contained in a whitepaper called Mobile Search Advertising Around the Globe — two

Marketers have been provided with a plethora of new channels and platforms to better target their clients. But with the rapid pace of innovation — and the willingness of the marketers to try new things — many of these channels have developed in isolation. Now the race to amalgamate, or

Australian companies spent $A1.067 billion on digital advertising in Q1. In particular, they are maintaining their long term love affair with search advertising (code for Google) — the largest category — which ticked along at just under 17 per cent. Display — a smaller category — grew at a slightly quicker

Consumers have tilted the world to mobile very aggressively in the last five years, but search advertisers are not inclined to follow them. Eighty per cent of search budgets are still being directed to the desktop, according to research from Kenshoo. The study, called “Advertiser perceptions of the 3 screen

Online search advertising spend surged by 50 per cent in Australia in the last quarter of 2013 compared to 2102, driven by seasonal factors – basically Christmas shopping. The Australian result, from the latest Kenshoo Australia quarterly research shows antipodean activity significantly outstripping the global trend where growth was recorded