SAP will buy survey software company Qualtrics for US$8 billion in cash with both companies hoping to provide value to businesses by combining experience data and operational data. The cloud giant has secured financing in the amount of €7 billion to cover purchase price and acquisition-related costs. According to Axios,

Christchurch, New Zealand

Each year the Christchurch City Council runs a survey to measure how satisfied citizens are with its service. While the citizens of the municipality hold their council in high regard, they also identified a key area where the council could improve: make it easier to interact with its services. That

Understanding the value of the integration of IoT and blockchain is easy to do especially when we think about different asset tracking use cases. For example, shipping pharmaceuticals or various food substances often requires that the individual units are refrigerated and kept at specific temperatures until such time that the

David Scullin describes a simple digital vision of his company – the NZ farming cooperative Ballance Agri-nutrients. It wants to bring the worlds of precision agriculture, ecommerce, customer experience and analytics together in one beautiful, user-friendly platform, he says. We caught up with Scullin at SAP’s Sapphire conference earlier this year

Blockchain has been heralded as a transformative and potentially disruptive technology. However, many are hesitant about the practical application of blockchain outside of limited use cases. The key to early success is matching blockchain to an appropriate business model, according to Stephen Moore, SAP Australia and New Zealand Executive Director.

When it comes to online shopping, and despite the wide variety of opportunities Australian customers demonstrate a clear preference for particular types of purchases. According to the 2018 SAP Consumer Propensity Report, travel, fashion and entertainment top the online shopping list. Among those surveyed, 72 per cent are buying flights,

The move to build AI capabilities into application software has been one of the most important developments to wash through the technology sector in the last few years. Whether it is Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and Sensei, or Salesforce’s CRM and Einstein, the integration of AI into business functionality has arrived

Organisations around the world are starting to make the changes necessary to adapt to a digital environment, but while they recognise the need to develop digital leaders, individuals surveyed say they get little or no support from their organisation on this front. And many are still falling into a competency trap

The days of casting the great business conflict of the age as one between incumbents and digital natives no longer adequately describe the forces driving change in the market. Instead, the demarcation is between companies that truly understand customer experience and those that do not. That is the message delivered by

SAP lifted the covers on SAP Upscale Commerce — a forthcoming rapid development Software-as-a-Service for mid-market companies that uses artificial intelligence to allow very rapid prototyping, application development and deployment. According to Alex Atzberger, President of SAP Customer Experience, “Many mid-market companies want to be able to deploy smaller brands