The move to build AI capabilities into application software has been one of the most important developments to wash through the technology sector in the last few years. Whether it is Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and Sensei, or Salesforce’s CRM and Einstein, the integration of AI into business functionality has arrived

Organisations around the world are starting to make the changes necessary to adapt to a digital environment, but while they recognise the need to develop digital leaders, individuals surveyed say they get little or no support from their organisation on this front. And many are still falling into a competency trap

The days of casting the great business conflict of the age as one between incumbents and digital natives no longer adequately describe the forces driving change in the market. Instead, the demarcation is between companies that truly understand customer experience and those that do not. That is the message delivered by

SAP lifted the covers on SAP Upscale Commerce — a forthcoming rapid development Software-as-a-Service for mid-market companies that uses artificial intelligence to allow very rapid prototyping, application development and deployment. According to Alex Atzberger, President of SAP Customer Experience, “Many mid-market companies want to be able to deploy smaller brands

Some of the tech industry’s biggest players are launching a new open data initiative, designed to improve the exchange of data between their platforms and applications. Adobe, SAP and Microsoft announced they will partner to develop a common approach to data exchange and a set of resources in a bid

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One of the weaknesses of the domestic Australian I.T. industry in the years prior to the emergence of the internet as a business platform is that it never really developed into the fully integrated ecosystem. A deeply embedded, collaborative integration with the wider business community simply didn’t exist. The industry

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The impact of machine learning is likely to be rapid for those who have their technology house in order. It is a truism of the technology industry – first identified by Bill Gates the Microsoft founder – we often underestimate how long a new technology needs to take hold, and

How an organisation approaches emerging technology and innovation is influenced considerably by the sector it operates in. A point underscored by the strategies taken by executives from Australian mining company Roy Hill and online retailer The Iconic. While one organisation is largely concerned with the efficiencies of mining and transporting

Emerging technology is providing innovative ways to disrupt traditional business models but the solutions often have a limited use case, according to Stephen Moore, SAP Australian and New Zealand executive director. Following a panel discussion in Sydney Moore spoke to Which-50 about emerging technology and how his clients are approaching innovation.

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Aspiring digital bank Xinja has selected SAP Cloud for Banking to power its mobile banking application and aid its ambition to become one of Australia’s first independent start-up neobanks. The Australian fintech is building a bank designed entirely for mobile and recently applied for a restricted banking licence from the