Smartphone apps are the gateway to the customer journey according to Derek Laney, Salesforce’s director product marketing management for Salesforce ExactTarget marketing cloud.  “Across all industries apps are the means by which customers visualise their journey and experience their relationship with an organisation.” Laney made the comments during an interview

  Do you ever wonder where your data goes, once it is posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other usual social suspects? Do consumers know which big marketers out there sucking up every thought, movement and status update they post in their never-ending quest to jam up the

Global computing company Salesforce celebrated the one-year anniversary of its $US2.5 billion acquisition of ExactTarget by releasing a dramatic upgrade of its Marketing Cloud. At the company’s San Francisco headquarters on Wednesday, Saleforce rolled out the Salesforce One enhancements, bringing together the company’s Sales and Service Clouds, AppExchange and Marketing — the cloud-based CRM software company the other marketing tech outfits all fear — quietly wrote another cheque last week. This time it was for $US350 million, to acquire “relationship intelligence platform” RelateIQ. Technically, it didn’t write a cheque — the deal was done with paper, according to the

The increasing sophistication of platforms, the natural development of digital capabilities over time and the evolution of the marketing function are all feeding into an important shift in CMO priorities. Engagement is now as important as acquisition.  Engagement is becoming a critical watchword and innovation is now the order of

From CRM to the internet-of-customers, Salesforce is trying to win friends and influence people. There’s no doubt about it, has definitely been reading Dale Carnegie. Over the past few years the company has evolved from cloud-based sales tracker to a leading thinker on customer behavior, big data analytics and

Marketing departments are accelerating the implementation of their digital marketing technology platforms, but many still prefer to buy point solutions and build up. However, the most successful and leading companies are taking a holistic view of the ecosystem. That’s our key takeout from a recent interview with Charlie Wood, Salesforce