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Following its $700 million acquisition of data management platform Krux, Salesforce has today announced new features to its marketing cloud which bring together so-called known and unknown customer data. Marketers are able to enhance user profiles by combining first party customer CRM data such as contact details and purchase history

Following its acquisition of Demandware for $US2.8 billion, Salesforce has unveiled its cloud offering that it hopes will allow the company to get a foot through retailers’ doors. As one retail analyst Which-50 spoke to during Dreamforce put it, with Demandware (now known as Commerce Cloud), Salesforce now has a

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The convergence of adtech and martech will present a challenge to traditional digital advertising as ad dollars are spent targeting individuals, argues Eric Stahl SVP product marketing for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Speaking with Which-50 between sessions at Dreamforce in San Francisco one day after announcing its intention to acquire data


Salesforce has unveiled an artificial intelligence product known as Einstein. Leveraging the acquisitions of MetaMind, PredictionIO and RelateIQ, Einstein embeds AI capabilities in the Salesforce platform with the aim of making its software smarter and saving users time. Einstein endeavours to uncover insights in the masses of data Salesforce accumulates

If it’s harder than catching an Uber, then your product has room for improvement. How’s that for cut through? So says Lee Hawksley, Senior VP and GM of Salesforce Marketing Cloud JAPAC. This simple idea of putting the customer experience at the heart of company thinking is causing C-suite executives to reorient

By 2021 marketing leaders will spend 75 per cent of their budget in digital channels according to a new report from Salesforce. Traditional channels meanwhile are shrinking away to irrelevancy. The study is based on a global survey of 4000 marketing leaders worldwide. Subscribe today: Sign up for  Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The

Long before the language of digital disruption entered the business lexicon, Andy Groves, the then CEO of Intel famously observed: “He who commoditizes last, wins.” That is a lesson not lost on participants in the global travel industry who have already experienced multiple waves of disruption since the advent of the commercial internet

Salesforce has revealed its IoT Cloud, the first of two big announcements from its Dreamforce event in San Francisco this week. The platform is designed to connect the billions of events triggered by devices and machines with Salesforce’s other clouds (there are seven of them now), and more importantly offering

For their first two decades marketing technology and advertising technology developed separately but in parallel. It was a cosy arrangement.. Generally speaking marketing tech acted upon a brand’s own content and channels while ad tech involved paid media. And brands tended to own and manage marketing tech directly whereas ad

UPDATE: Amazon is the latest company in the frame as the potential $US44 billion suitor for CRM leader Reports that Salesforce is on the block continued swirling last week after Bloomberg doubled down on its initial story and suggested that Microsoft was considering a bid.  Bloomberg says Microsoft was