Rocco Braeuniger

Amazon box

Matt Furlong, a director at Amazon’s North American operations, has been appointed the new country manager of Amazon Australia. He will replace Rocco Braeuniger who will move to a senior international role within Amazon. Braeuniger was appointed Australian country manager in August, 2017 and led the local launch of Amazon’s

Amazon Seller Summit Sydney

Amazon’s Launchpad concept has arrived in Australia, providing a new platform for local direct to consumer brands to launch, market and distribute their products. The program aims to help local startups and entrepreneurs leverage Amazon’s retail expertise and infrastructure to promote their brands and grow their nascent businesses. Sign up

Amazon Seller Summit Sydney

Amazon now has 10,000 Australian sellers on its local marketplace. At launch 12 months ago, the ecommerce store had around 560 sellers. Yesterday marked one year since Amazon formally arrived Australia with its own first party retail offering as well as its marketplace of third party sellers. Sign up for

Amazon's Seattle Campus

Amazon shipped more than 5 billion items to its Prime members around the world in 2017. Although it doesn’t disclose the exact number, Amazon said it added more new Prime members last year than ever before. According to a press release from the Seattle giant, more than four million people