Sustainable digital transformation relies on relationships based on trust.  According to Rachel Botsman, Trust Fellow at Oxford University, author and keynote speaker at the Schneider Electric Innovation Day 2021, the definition of trust is “a confident relationship with the unknown”. For consumers to try a new product, for investors to

The only way to get Boards to take cyber security seriously, it seems, is by bringing it back to the bottom line. Which-50 recently hosted a panel event with CyberArk interrogating this very theme, and according to panellist Jim McKerlie, CEO of enterprise performance management SaaS platform Kendo, it’s a

  Australian organisations are facing higher levels of data privacy risks and security challenges due increasing levels of personal data management. To celebrate Privacy Awareness Week (3rd to the 9th of May) this year, privacy experts from technology consulting firm Protiviti and law firm Baker McKenzie are coming together in

When it comes to the perception of risk, CEOs globally are concerned by the pandemic, followed by cyber security. According to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, ESG and the Climate Crisis appear to be a lesser concern to executives, where more than half of the CEOs surveyed left out climate

Australian C-suite executives are far more concerned than their global counterparts about adapting to new business models able but have no intention of investing long term in the digital capabilities required to build new business models. Further reading – COVER STORY: After A Year Of COVID, CEOs Say Digital Acceleration

The perceived risk of artificial intelligence is linked to people’s location and profession, according to a new study, with those in the West typically much more concerned about the technology. In contrast, less than one in ten people in China say AI will be mostly harmful, and the majority believe

Fears of geopolitical instability may impact the global offshore services market, as sourcing, procurement and vendor management executives review their options to mitigate risk, according to Gartner. According to the report “Mitigate Offshore and Nearshore Service Delivery Location Risks Created by Geopolitical Instability” the offshore outsourcing market has been relatively

Modern inventory systems have come close to perfecting the just-in-time ideal, whether delivering rubber window wiper blades to the manufacturing floor of a Toyota plant at just the right moment, or filling the hot chicken cabinet at your local Woolworths with only so much cheap and tasty, high fat protein

The Wall St. Journal wrote in a March 1, 2019 article that the Need for AI Ethicists Becomes Clearer as Companies Admit Tech’s Flaws. I’m all for ethics being applied to an uncharted technological domain that could have tremendous consequences. But what’s being described sounds more like “AI business risk

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There are three things companies can do to mitigate risk when applying Artificial Intelligence according to the latest McKinsey research. However, before applying solutions, it is vital first to understand what the risks are and the drivers behind them.  In the report called Confronting the risks of artificial intelligence the McKinsey Global Institute