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When it comes to making sure marketing emails arrive in consumers’ inboxes, Australians perform above the global average. Globally, 80 per cent of email is delivered to the inbox, while the remaining 20 per cent is diverted to spam folders or gets blocked altogether, according to 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report


The use of emojis—those little digital icons representing everything from sushi and sailboats to infinite variations on the smiley face—has become part of everyday life.  Marketers, however, have been hesitant to incorporate them into email campaigns, due to uncertainty about how their use may be perceived by both mailbox providers

Trump versus Clinton

As the US presidential election campaign draws to a close research from Return Path shows how the two candidates have performed in terms of emails. No, not those emails. Download the CMO of Tomorrow report produced by the Which-50 Intelligence Unit Email marketing and data solutions company, Return Path, has kept track

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It may not be fashionable but email marketing is effective, and it’s getting smarter. That’s the view of Daniel Incandela, VP of Global Marketing for email marketing company Return Path. “Everyone speaks of email’s demise or they talk about account based marketing or social being the next hot thing, but