Never stand in between Amazon and magnum of bubbly, delicious profits. The company is officially in the booze business down under. As Australia shut down in the first half of the year some retail categories proved famously contrarian, showing strong growth even as the economy went into hibernation – alcohol

Data has assumed a critical place in the arsenal of Australia’s marketers. The insights it provides and the visibility great analysis delivers on matters such like campaign performance is driving greater investment in data science. However, it is important to get the fundamentals right, according to leading analytics professionals at

The Wall Street Journal’s business editor  Dennis Bergman argued recently that  ‘local’ retailers (and by implication ‘local’ manufacturers) are at risk from on-line sales direct from Chinese Manufacturer. Maybe so, but perhaps this is not the greatest long term (10-20 years) threat to ‘traditional’ (bricks and clicks) retailing and manufacturing. And if