Technology now allows massive weather data streams to  be ‘mashed up’ with other data inputs such as sales data or social media data, and analysed, which in turn helps businesses to understand and predict, at a local level, the precise impact of weather on consumer demand. For retailers and FMCG

Around the world, consumers want retailers to give them greater access to information so they can make more informed choices when they shop. And they recognise the importance of technology in delivering this. However, they remain sensitive to issues over privacy. The figures are contained in a global study released

Digital will influence more than $US2 trillion in retail sales in the US in 2015, and yet retailers still massively underestimate the impact of digital behaviour, according to research by Deloitte Digital. In a piece of research entitled “Navigating the new digital divide”, Deloitte turned its attention to the bulk

The world’s shoppers have spoken, nothing will get in the way of a good bargain – certainly nothing as porous as a national border. Now a new study by Forrester Research (commissioned by FedEx) reveals some of the forces underpinning the shift. The report is available as a whitepaper called “Seizing

Large retailers should take a leaf out of the approach of giant ecommerce dotcoms and the banking sector when it comes to delivering great mobile customer experiences, according to a survey by the Apigee Institute. The study, which surveyed 1000 smartphone-owning adults in the United Kingdom and the United States,

Retailers are beyond the technology tipping point, according to Devin Wenig, president of eBay Marketplaces. In a recent interview with McKinsey and Company and available as a series of seven small video grabs, Wenig tells the management consultants, “I think the last two years in particular have been extraordinary in

Despite the rise of smartphone usage in retail by Australia’s shoppers, most Australian retailers have yet to adopt sophisticated mobile strategies. A joint mobile commerce study from NetSuite and the Australian Retailers Association, conducted by Frost & Sullivan, has revealed that local retailers remain largely unprepared for mobile commerce. While

US Research commissioned by RetailMeNot has found that three quarters of US retailers believe that digital delivers a better ROI than traditional marketing. Not surprisingly, then, over 80 per cent expect to increase their digital marketing budgets over the next three to five years. But there’s a catch: while retailers

If you were wondering what enormous strategic threat the Chinese administration is cooking up to unleash on the world, wonder no longer. It’s retail. Having mused previously in this space about the fertility of China’s virgin field of retail brands, we now have some interesting evidence. Guess who is China’s

In an age of hyper-connected commerce, Australia’s retail industry urgently needs to consider the scale of its addressable market. At the same time it needs to eliminate superfluous links in supply chains, according to Paul Greenberg, executive chairman of the National Online Retailers Association. He made his remarks at the inaugural