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Retail banks are feeling the pressure, according to Capgemini’s latest World Retail Banking Report. Customers are demanding smooth, personalised service – which banks struggle to deliver – while tech companies become an increasingly popular alternative, according to the report. Customer expectations was the clear disruptor of retail banking in 2018,


In a world where the mantra “fail fast, fail often” is championed, what exactly is an acceptable failure rate for pilot projects in retail financial services? A study conducted on behalf of Pegasystems, Marketforce and Cognizant put this question to 500 retail financial services and insurance industry executives across 56

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Is the branch dead? Billions of dollars of banking real estate may hinge on the answer to that question. According to Elizabeth Robillard, author of the recently released Director’s report: Future Branches 2016 the answer is; “no, but it is changing.” Which-50 and ADMA are introducing a one day classroom-based digital

Life used to be so easy for retail banks and their CEOs. Hogan provided your core banking, Cisco took care of your networking and no one, but no one ever got fired for buying IBM. These days however, banks face such intense pressure to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while

The traditional retail banking model based on the transaction/branch-based banking model is dying, and in future retail banking will be fully automated. That’s the view of 203 senior retail banking executives across the globe who were surveyed by The Economist’s Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) for a report called “In Tech

Here it is in such simple terms that even the Board of Directors at a bank can understand. It’s the Loan Book, Stupid. Lending constitutes one third of the revenues of a typical retail bank, but recent analysis by Bain & Company and SAP Value Management Center finds that “…most banks have digitalized