A joint report from Salesforce and the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) reveals that customers want their online experiences to deliver in-person value.  While consumers push for businesses to have widely accessible online offerings, they will not compromise on the quality of customer experience. According to the report, 69 per cent

There’s a new ecommerce king in town. This week saw Amazon knocked off its perch as the number one downloaded ecommerce app. The challenger? International B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform, SHEIN. According to the latest Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps by, SHEIN has taken over the top spot for

CommBank announced today that it has invested $A30 million in the online shopping startup Little Birdie, bringing its pre-launch valuation to $A130 million.  Little Birdie claims that this is “potentially one of the largest pre-launch funding rounds in Australia.”  Little Birdie uses AI to collate a homepage of online shopping,

Retail is the best performing Australian industry for renewable energy commitments, according to new analysis by Greenpeace which says an accelerating green energy race will save companies money and create thousands of jobs.  2020 was the year Australian enterprises committed to 100 per cent renewable energy, according to a new

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. We saw that play out when lockdowns caused by COVID-19 drove an upsurge in digital innovations by retailers. Shoppers who were used to browsing for products in stores suddenly lost the option to do so, while brands could no longer engage

Global retail sales in 2020 will decline by an average of 9.6 per cent globally, a loss of $2.1 trillion, due to the impact of the coronavirus, according to new analyst forecasts. Forrester also predicts that it will take four years for retailers to overtake pre-pandemic levels.  According to Forrester’s updated retail forecasts across North America, Asia,

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Australia Post has repurposed and opened 15 new processing facilities and commenced recruitment for 600 casuals into the network and call centre to assist in managing the continued parcel delivery demand in the country. The national carrier has been struggling to process the surge in parcel deliveries during the COVID-19

Australians have been forced online by COVID-19, accelerating the pace of digital adoption across the sectors of the economy which are adjusting to a new way of doing business. This is part one in a series examining how Australia’s infrastructure is holding up under unprecedented — and unexpected — demand

Apparel and footwear retailers seeking digital business transformation and innovation must embrace the aftermath of COVID-19 as an opportunity to affect major changes in operating models and business processes that are long overdue. The apparel industry was struggling before COVID-19 to restructure their operating models and are now facing an

Australia’s online retailers have established a COVID-19 war room hosted in Slack to share plans and ideas to keep staff safe and businesses operational during the rapidly evolving coronavirus outbreak. Established late last week by Kate Morris, the founder and CEO of Adore Beauty, the channel now has 114 members.